#Dele Ali's epic bottle flip trick shot penalty, insane shooting battle vs Cacho, can Spurs win the UCL discussion with Santander and more in The F2 Show!
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    • People keep telling ronaldo been fed by his teammates.. Thats true.. But dont forget..messi is the same as well.. Its a 11v11 game..not 1v11 game.. Messi is ridiculous..yes he is one of the greatest ever if not the greatest ever to play football.. If messi brings barca to prem then he can keep on raping prem teams..but if he transfer himself even in a great team like in city or liv..he can shine but not consistent as he is with barca..he will struggle a bit just like he is with argentina..his stats will not be as insane as he have in la liga..

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    • I got 32

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    • You bear it you got 95

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    • I really need your help

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    • Deli ali is best

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  • Who watching in 2020?

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  • Jezza and Dele

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  • i loved this video

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  • F2 v free kickers

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  • You beat him in the pickup thing

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  • What is that music on 0:04

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  • Can u do a vid with Lloris?

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  • I didn't know that #Dele is a giant

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  • Guys What The Football Uefa Champions League Liverpool vs Tottenham Final Wkwkwk

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  • Sabar Mba

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  • The f2 are addicted to #glitch

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  • How dele gets a shirt for spurs is beyond me I really don’t see it , lazy , selfish temper like a spoilt kid

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  • I really need your help

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  • Well, I've got good news about the Spurs from the future...

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  • You guys live in the UK because your only doing videos with England players and I live in the UK

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  • Your the best you tubers ever just in front of Chris md and Lachlan and kailem

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    • Chocolantern Beam I watch Chris Md and I love his videos

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  • spurs is soooooooo bad

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  • To a videos with the Tottenham players dele rose Kane dier son Erickson trippier allwilred lorises Sissoko lucas mora Walker peters

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  • You are the best football in the would and on FIstart

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  • I remember one of you guys on Britain’s got talent

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    • Jezza. He got to the semi finals

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  • spurs beat man city billy😒

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  • why did You not go pro

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  • Hey F2 I got a question for you guys. How did Billi deal with him toe surgery and can I get some tips to fast up the healing process?

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  • Messi is the goat

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  • Can you do a messi vs ronaldo video pls😊😊

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  • The last number of likes is what football player you are 1.Ronaldinho 2. Alli 3. Salah 4.Beckham 5. Zlatan 6.Pogba (dab man) 7. Ronaldo 8.Suarez 9.Suarez 0. Messi

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    • Messi Yeahhh boy !

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    • That NaughtyBacon dele alli lets go coys

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    • I'm zlatan even though I have a Dele Alli kit and support spurs

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    • Well done 👍 nice one I bet your friend was jealous when you said it to him 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

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  • How old are you

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  • comment if you can do dele alli's celbration

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    • It's so easy

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    • I can

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  • I feel so bad for the goalkeeper😓

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  • where is the 10 million plate

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