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  • U should really make another one with him

    Bianca SchutterBianca SchutterUukausi sitten
  • Love

    Nati FistumNati Fistum3 kuukautta sitten
  • F2 freestyles must do the chest catch tutorial

    Tyrique NonohTyrique Nonoh3 kuukautta sitten
  • You falt

    Nicholas PhillipsNicholas Phillips3 kuukautta sitten
  • Yikesssss

    Nicholas PhillipsNicholas Phillips3 kuukautta sitten
  • Hello I am Liam Webster You should play against Messi I Live in Gautang you should visit me⚽ If you want to visit just say 🇿🇦😘

    Westley websterWestley webster3 kuukautta sitten
  • People missed that Jadon Sancho was playing against his former club

    Trippy DJTrippy DJ4 kuukautta sitten
  • A

    Ray GroganRay Grogan4 kuukautta sitten
  • I liked all your vids without watching them😂😂😂

    lynne danielslynne daniels4 kuukautta sitten
  • Sancho will be better than Messi

    Joshua StevensonJoshua Stevenson5 kuukautta sitten
  • Jason Rancho is one of my best players

    IntenseGamingIntenseGaming6 kuukautta sitten
  • Si ti pigghiu iu ndi fifa pensu ca non ti fazzu avviriri mancu a potta

    NicotraNicotra6 kuukautta sitten
  • Felix

    Hamza GazalHamza Gazal7 kuukautta sitten
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 *❤️❤️❤️ football ❤️❤️❤️❤* 1:53 ❣ 👇👇👇👇🔥💃

    Jarrett DJarrett D8 kuukautta sitten
  • I love sancho so much I hope he joins Chelsea 🔵🔵🔵🔵Jadon sancho ➡️🔜Chelsea

    Salih KhanSalih Khan9 kuukautta sitten
  • I have sancho on fifa mobile 20

    Jenith nopeJenith nope10 kuukautta sitten
  • Sancho is pretty dope in fifa

    furba sherpafurba sherpa10 kuukautta sitten
  • Can I play with you online

    Benjamin45Golf and fortniteBenjamin45Golf and fortnite10 kuukautta sitten
  • BVB Sancho 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

    Bila NJBila NJ11 kuukautta sitten

    mahamud sazzadmahamud sazzad11 kuukautta sitten
  • My favourite player and my mums cuosin

    Stuart CapperStuart Capper11 kuukautta sitten
  • Jadon looks like Billy and Jezza combined

    Leevhando FerdinantLeevhando FerdinantVuosi sitten
  • Liverpool like or man city comment

    dr tanvir alidr tanvir aliVuosi sitten
  • I downloaded the app you made

    Tucker HughesTucker HughesVuosi sitten
  • Let us leave a little football I invite you to rest a little to watch the most beautiful clips of the new laughter I hope you can see and support me❤️❤️

    الاستاذ نور الدينالاستاذ نور الدينVuosi sitten
  • like if sancho is profesinal

    rachel finnrachel finnVuosi sitten
  • Like it Sancho if the best young star

    Chase MaclouChase MaclouVuosi sitten
  • Play with havertz

    RPkoolguyRPkoolguyVuosi sitten
  • City should have won!!

    김연준김연준Vuosi sitten
  • Jadon snacho deserves a 89 rating

    Ahmad Assavir KhanAhmad Assavir KhanVuosi sitten
  • Please play against Marco Reus next

    Juss RoderickJuss RoderickVuosi sitten
  • CR7 if you could get a hold of him. Love your videos mate.

    AVTAceyAVTAceyVuosi sitten
  • I have Jadon on my ultimate team and I love him in real life

    Chasmaster 5Chasmaster 5Vuosi sitten
  • Lmao Sancho handed their asses to them

    Faizal LorgatFaizal LorgatVuosi sitten
  • Clearly Sancho watched skill tutorial videos on youtube.

    Yasir SadiqYasir SadiqVuosi sitten
  • he's a beast in real life and FIFA

    Tlotlo MolemeTlotlo MolemeVuosi sitten
  • You guys should play salah also you are the best youtube channel ever

    Purple CarrootPurple CarrootVuosi sitten
  • Kennington where my heart is

    phsychomonkeyphsychomonkeyVuosi sitten
  • Next play Sterling

    Sibusiso GigabaSibusiso GigabaVuosi sitten
  • why was jezz and billy walking in the hallway in the fifa 20 trailer for the ratings reavel officical trailer

    Myst1x on crackMyst1x on crackVuosi sitten
  • Wow so lucky to see Jadon Sancho! But you can admit that F2 are really bad at Fifa just to say I am a big fan

    Leeanne BlickLeeanne BlickVuosi sitten
  • i love billy and jezza very mutch

    Somazero LailaSomazero LailaVuosi sitten
  • My name is jadon

    jaydon dillonjaydon dillonVuosi sitten
  • plz make a video for pes 2020

    MD MEHERAZ jihanMD MEHERAZ jihanVuosi sitten
  • 1:31 lol jezza's face lookin like steve harvey lmao 😂

    Dan AdeDan AdeVuosi sitten
  • Play bale on fifa

    Michael LouisMichael LouisVuosi sitten
  • Sancho panza :v

    Anita ParahuatiAnita ParahuatiVuosi sitten
  • If this is grey you hate jezza and billy

    Hedi Hajat10Hedi Hajat10Vuosi sitten
  • Hi guys, Iove your chanel, how many famous players have you met?

    we're the kids of stubbington BH specialwe're the kids of stubbington BH specialVuosi sitten
  • Bárcsak magyarok lennétek

    Dominik NyáriDominik NyáriVuosi sitten
  • Play against a wolves player

    wan 462wan 462Vuosi sitten
  • Sancho is definitely a sweat😂

    Lezzyy 11Lezzyy 11Vuosi sitten
  • Can we all admire how bad the f2 are on FIFA

    ibbeibbeVuosi sitten
  • ultimate shithousery going Man City 😂

    LeãoLeãoVuosi sitten
  • I want to play vs me Noah in Ireland Dublin 37 rossecourt

    Paddy MurphyPaddy MurphyVuosi sitten
  • Can you play against Marcus rashford please Like if u agree

    faith Harakutafaith HarakutaVuosi sitten
  • I want all u to play messi

    48 savage Money48 savage MoneyVuosi sitten
  • If it was me I would’ve cooked you guys

    Typical ShieldTypical ShieldVuosi sitten
  • please play Riyad mahrez

    Rogejay HayRogejay HayVuosi sitten
  • Do a video in the parc Dorion Garden in Canada Vaudreuil -Dorion Quebec Saturday 19, 2019 Oct.

    Katherine OspinaKatherine OspinaVuosi sitten
  • I would smack sancho at fifa

    Jose QuirinoJose QuirinoVuosi sitten
  • They didn't even score a goal. 😂

    IBZ!! 369IBZ!! 369Vuosi sitten
  • Hello cracks how are you can you tell us how can we do one card like the one you gived to jadon sancho thanks and good video

    Tomas TapiasTomas TapiasVuosi sitten
  • You don't know the drill Because it's nothing

    Sabina ShresthaSabina ShresthaVuosi sitten
  • I love F2 and Sancho! 2020 is going to be an awesome year!!

    ProdigeesProdigeesVuosi sitten
  • U guys lose every time. How bad are you Very

    Patrick CraigPatrick CraigVuosi sitten
  • This is the only other person I saw who spells Jadon J A D O N because that’s how my names spelt

    Awigwam AnimationsAwigwam AnimationsVuosi sitten
  • Play ronaldo

    Daniel LazarDaniel LazarVuosi sitten

    LM10 ProductionsLM10 ProductionsVuosi sitten
  • Remember the race you vs Billy

    J7 FOOTBALLJ7 FOOTBALLVuosi sitten
    • When you made the 100m challenge

      J7 FOOTBALLJ7 FOOTBALLVuosi sitten
  • Trent Alexander arnold

    Ann SølvbergAnn SølvbergVuosi sitten
  • Love you sancho

    Xyz FarrellXyz FarrellVuosi sitten
  • Play Virgil van diyk

    Tameem VarachiaTameem VarachiaVuosi sitten
  • Ball launcher vs Robo goalkeeper

    Ivan B.Ivan B.Vuosi sitten
  • I never knew how sick jadon sancho is

    SamSamVuosi sitten
  • Can you make a part2

    Sezab EdrisSezab EdrisVuosi sitten
  • Sancho the Savage

    Maria UpshalMaria UpshalVuosi sitten
  • please do a match attax vid

    G. FG. FVuosi sitten
  • play with Cristiano Ronaldo

    Lav YogueshLav YogueshVuosi sitten
  • Good commentators J & D

    Ansor SultanovAnsor SultanovVuosi sitten
  • Awesome sancho....

    Amit SarkarAmit SarkarVuosi sitten
  • Y’all played with his former team 💀

    Brandon Linares ParraBrandon Linares ParraVuosi sitten
  • Me 2019

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel RodriguezVuosi sitten
  • I'm waiting for Ronaldo vs Messi part two.

    Ice_Wallow_ComeIce_Wallow_ComeVuosi sitten

    Kerav Dayanund SinghKerav Dayanund SinghVuosi sitten

    LM10 ProductionsLM10 ProductionsVuosi sitten
  • Ronaldo fans here

    LM10 ProductionsLM10 ProductionsVuosi sitten

    LM10 ProductionsLM10 ProductionsVuosi sitten

    LM10 ProductionsLM10 ProductionsVuosi sitten
  • Everyone likes FIFA 20. Shall I show to proof 👇 ☆

    Joseph WheelerJoseph WheelerVuosi sitten
  • Like here who love f2

    Shahin ShaShahin ShaVuosi sitten
  • Can I get a shout out I have it f2 book and subscribed

    patrick is a gamer boipatrick is a gamer boiVuosi sitten
  • I downloaded your new game and I LOVE It it is my new favourite game I was grinding all day and I could play it for hours. Thanks so much for your awesome game!!! 😂🤪😀👍

    Angus NealeAngus NealeVuosi sitten
  • Please play with heung min son

    Tim OTim OVuosi sitten
  • Marcus Rashford 💥🔥

    Shunom PeterShunom PeterVuosi sitten
  • Boys play against Reus and Co. they all play each other!!! Ypu guys r awesome thank you for doing what u do!!!

    Dillon SchaakDillon SchaakVuosi sitten
  • Play Ronaldo.

    tbow2tbow2Vuosi sitten
  • or play Alphonso Davies

    HSTD DuntonHSTD DuntonVuosi sitten
  • Who's better Like if billy COMMENT IF jezza

    hello hellohello helloVuosi sitten
  • Play Ozil next

    Keith O’TooleKeith O’TooleVuosi sitten